Osteopathy is a manual form of healing which emphasizes the interrelationship between structure and function of the human body. Osteopathy utilizes different techniques in order to treat the body as a whole and get optimal and lasting results. Not only do we analyze structural alignment but we also look at releasing fascia restrictions, muscle tension, organ restrictions and increasing range of motion.


Every session is is individualized to ensure maximum benefits and results.

Types of Osteopathy:

  • Visceral

  • Cranial

  • Structural

Top 10 Benefits of Osteopathy:

  1. Promotes healing and the release of toxins

  2. Improves posture

  3. Improves circulation and maximizes energy level

  4. Enhances skin tone and skin heath

  5. Increases and promotes joint flexibility

  6. Enhances a calm mind

  7. Reduces anxiety

  8. Promotes Mental alertness

  9. Prevents injury 

  10. Relief of chronic and acute pain 

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